Ditch The Treadmill, Please!!


Many men don't realize that the common treadmill is their enemy.  A treadmill simply trains your body to get into a running rhythm and adapt to whatever pace you set.  Most men run at a fairly slow pace for a long period of time on a flat plane.  You may think you're doing your body a lot of good, but in reality all you're really doing is giving you heart and lungs a workout.  Your legs, arms, shoulders, back and core derive little benefit because you are simply moving your body in a predictable manner over a predictable length of time.  In addition you are doing damage to your joints as you pound away at the treadmills surface.  Your ankles, knees and hips all suffer the repeated impact shocks that slowly wear away cartelidge and connective tissue.  Also, the aerobic benefit only lasts for a short time after you stop running.  Please don't misunderstand, a treadmill can be a great tool if used in the right way and for the right purpose.  For example, If you absolutely must use a treadmill your best bet is to walk at a brisk pace with the incline set to as high an angle as you can tolerate.  Trust me, just try it one day for 20 minutes and see what a difference it makes.  To quote a popular politician you will "Feel the Burn"!  Treadmills are also good tools for warming up before a weight training or or resistance type workout. I highly recommend you do some stretching before you get on the equipment.  Us guys tend to neglect that part and it hurts us in the end.  Don't skip it, you will thank yourself later.

 A much better option than the treadmill is to use weight training or even body weight training to kick your fat burning muscle into gear and provide a benefit that lasts many hours after you stop.  Specific exercises will be covered in an upcoming post but remember at the WohrZone we like to keep it simple and effective.  Properly executed body weight exercises and/or weight training workouts are great ways to get fit, stay fit and constantly improve!